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Nada Lemon With Mint 1.35Ltr

KD 0.530
Nada Lemon With Mint 1.35Ltr Lemon and MInty drink Source of Vitamin B6 Lemon and mint with pulp For great energy With rich and fine ingredients..

Molokhia Leaves 500gm (Approx)

KD 0.360
Molokhia Leaves 500gm (Approx) Edible leaves which are consumed as a vegetable Can be dark red or dark green or an intermediate colour Used for the treatment of pain, fever, and inflammation Improves ..

Arwa Drinking Water 12 x 1.5Ltr

KD 1.330
Arwa Drinking Water 12 x 1.5Ltr Natural & refreshing Low sodium Smooth and clean Mineral water with rich minerals for metabolism Can make you refreshed and feel good..

Fresh Camel Meat With Bone - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 1.880
Fresh Camel Meat With Bone - 1Kg (Approx) With bone Fresh items To be consumed within 3 days of Packing Rich in essential amino acids and minerals, vitamins, bioactive components carnosine, anserine..

Pomegranates - India - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 1.895
Pomegranates - India - 1Kg (Approx) Anar From India Fresh From farm Rich flavour and sweet For making fresh juices and maintains energy source Great in vitamins and also a good hydrating fruit when j..


KD 0.310
SMALL ONION - INDIA - 250GM Small Onion From India Fresh and flavorful small onions with a distinct flavour and taste Rich in antioxidants, fibres, vitamin C and potassium Sourced carefully to ensure ..

Egyptian Kalamata Olives 500gm (Approx)

KD 0.600
Egyptian Kalamata Olives 500gm (Approx) Kalamata Olives Rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants Crisp flesh and excellent taste along with a lot of beneficial properties Safe and Hygiene item With a ..

White Cabbage - Saudi - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 0.420
White Cabbage - Saudi - 1Kg (Approx) The crisp and fleshy leaves are loaded with tart tanginess and a surprisingly pleasing aroma Cabbage is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants Tightly wrapped and..

Cauliflower - Jordan - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 1.125
Cauliflower - Jordan - 1Kg (Approx) Jordan Product Fresh from Farm Healthy and Green Important sources of many nutrients, including potassium, dietary fiber, folate Rich in vitamin A, and vitamin C..

Mandarin - Egypt - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 0.730
Mandarin - Egypt - 1Kg (Approx) Small sweet Mandarin from Egyptian Farm Fresh From Farm Rich in iron, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin C For making fresh juices and maintains energy source Great in v..

Apple Fuji - China - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 0.745
Apple Fuji - China - 1Kg (Approx) Fresh From Farm Imported from China Rich source of Antioxidants Rich in Vitamins and iron Apples are high in fiber, vitamin C, and various antioxidants..

Red Pumpkin - India - 500Kg (Approx)

KD 0.420
Red Pumpkin - India - 1Kg (Approx) Fresh From farm Red colour and dark Yellow inside fresh Pumpkin Nutritious, and Rich in vitamin A Great and fleshy item for making curries and other side dishes Rich..

Puck Cheese Jars 240gm

KD 0.590
Puck Cheese Jars 240gm Cream Cheese Spread over bread and enjoy Fresh pasteurised cow's milk for a better and cheesy feel and taste Goodness of fresh cow's milk at all your meals at home Packed safe a..

Pechay Leaves - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 0.620
Pechay Leaves - 1Kg (Approx) Pachay leaves Green and white fresh Pechay Native is its Vitamins and Minerals For stronger bones and glowing skin Contains calcium for strong bones, phosphorus for bone f..

Fresh Mutton - India - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 3.390
Fresh Mutton - India - 1Kg (Approx) Halal Mutton Meat From India To be consumed in 3 Days Rich in protein, which helps muscle growth and supports muscle mass Mutton provides iron and four essential v..
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