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Blended Unsalted Butter 500gm

KD 0.470
Blended Unsalted Butter 500gm Butter Unsalted Vegetarian product White butter unsalted made from Cow milk Fat contain 82% Use by ghee manufacturing, Bakery, Ice Cream, Kulfi etc..

Sprite Can 250ml

KD 0.100
Sprite Can 250ml Crisp, refreshing and clean-tasting Sprite is the world’s leading lemon Lime-flavoured soft drink Grab a refreshing, clear Sprite for complete refreshment Get instant energy and char..

Celery - China - 500gm (Approx)

KD 0.620
Celery - China - 500gm (Approx) Fresh celery with an earthy flavour High in Vitamins A, K, C, Potassium, and folates Contains dietary fibre and beta carotene Can be eaten raw or used to prepare smo..

Voss Artesian Water 500ml

KD 0.495
Voss Artesian Water 500ml Contains twelve bottles of VOSS artesian water from Norway Packaged in the highest quality BPA-free, Pet bottles; Voss is a 100% carbon neutral company Bottled at an artes..

Frico Edam Ball Cheese Slices 250gm

KD 1.180
Frico Edam Ball Cheese Slices 250gm Edam Ball Cheese With choicest ingredients for good taste Easy eaten as is or added to a variety of dishes Lends a creamy, cheesy Provides various nutrients..

MTR Badam Milk Drink 180ml

KD 1.175
MTR Badam Milk Drink 180ml Badam Milk Drink Original Almond and Saffron Canned container Drink with milk and makes you rich in energry and make you refreshed at the time of work..

Pomegranates - Egypt - 1 Kg (Approx)

KD 1.290
Pomegranates - Egypt - 1 Kg (Approx) Fresh from farm Imported From Egypt Flavoured sweet seeds inside For making fresh juices and maintains energy source Great in vitamins and also a good hydrating f..

Al Ain Water 6 x 1.5Ltr

KD 0.475
Al Ain Water 6 x 1.5Ltr Bottled drinking water Mineral water Keeps you moving For all your travels Great for your trips Easy to carry on all your trips..

Nawar Spreadable Margarine 3 x 250gm

KD 1.325
Nawar Spreadable Margarine 3 x 250gm Spreadable margarine for all your dialy use of meals Trans fat free for a healthy diet Feel lighter and easy for light food making it rich in taste and healthy Ve..

Dana Drinking Water Low Sodium 6 x 1.5Ltr

KD 0.470
Dana Drinking Water Low Sodium 6 x 1.5Ltr Low Sodium Water 1.5L Low Sodium Drinking water Soft and Hydrating For all your trips and Visits..

Elephant Yam (Suran) - India - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 0.830
Elephant Yam (Suran) - India - 1Kg (Approx) Fresh from farm Suran From India Good source of Vitamin C Best item to prepare sambhar and other side dishes A variety of food can be prepared both for brea..

Red Grapes - Lebanon - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 1.040
Red Grapes - Egypt - 1Kg (Approx) Thick Red or wine colour Egyptian Import Fresh From Farm Great for making wines and also good juicing fruit..

KD Cow Fresh Yoghurt Full Cream 6 x 170gm

KD 0.545
KD Cow Fresh Yoghurt Full Cream 6 x 170gm Full Cream Fresh Yoghurt Rich in calcium and vitamins With great taste and creamy Made from 100% Fresh cow's milk..

Red Capsicum - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 1.250
Red Capsicum - 1Kg (Approx) Fresh red capsicum Leaving a sweet and fruity flavour on the foods Red capsicums, also known as red bell peppers are bell shaped They have thick and shiny skin with fleshy ..

Apple Green - France - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 1.025
Apple Green - South Africa - 1Kg (Approx) South African Imported Fruit Green peeled Apple Hard peel with micronutrients Rich in Vitamins and iron Apples are high in fiber, vitamin C, and various anti..
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