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Yellow Big Banana - Inda - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 1.350
Yellow Big Banana - Inda - 1Kg (Approx) Yellow coloured Big Indian Fruit Fresh from Farm Rich source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, manganese, copper, potassium, and antioxidants..

Coconut - India / Pc

KD 0.320
Coconut - India / Pc Big sized Coconut From India Fresh coconuts from India Coconut Per Piece Rich item to make curries and also for making rich and thick salads and other side dishes..

Celery - USA - 500gm (Approx)

KD 0.925
Celery - USA - 500gm (Approx)..

Curry Leaves - India - Packet

KD 0.250
Curry Leaves - India - Packet Fresh curry leaves Packed well safe and Hygein Indian Produce Fresh from Farm Product..

Orange Navel - Spain - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 0.795
Orange Navel - Spain - 1Kg (Approx) Fresh and sweet seedless navel orange Imported from Spain Rich in Fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium For making fresh juices and maintains energy source Gr..

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) - India - 250gm (Approx)

KD 0.440
Amla (Indian Gooseberry) - India - 250gm (Approx)..

Sweet Melon 1Kg (Approx)

KD 1.095
Sweet Melon 1Kg (Approx) Contains a lot of water contents Good for Health Fresh from farm produce Can be juiced and contains a lot of sweet water inside Rich in Vitamin B, C and D..

Coriander Leaves Bunch

KD 0.175
Coriander Leaves Bunch Fresh from Farm Bunch of Green and Fresh Leaves Helps to reduce blood pressure Good Source of Iron and phytonutrients..

Cauliflower - Jordan - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 1.225
Cauliflower - Jordan - 1Kg (Approx) Jordan Product Fresh from Farm Healthy and Green Important sources of many nutrients, including potassium, dietary fiber, folate Rich in vitamin A, and vitamin C..

Tomato - Jordan / Syria - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 0.645
Tomato - Jordan / Syria - 1Kg (Approx) Fresh and Healthy Tomatoes Imported from Jordan/Syria Packed Hygein and safe tomato is a most used vegetable in making curries and also to make salads and other ..

Grapefruit - South Africa - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 0.700
Grapefruit - South Africa - 1Kg (Approx) Fresh grapefruit with a sour to semi-sweet taste It is fiber-rich and loaded with vitamins C & A Contains plenty of beta carotene Sprinkle it with sugar or s..

Kang Kong Leaves 1Kg (Approx)

KD 0.830
Kang Kong Leaves 1Kg (Approx) Kang Kong Leaves Gently sweet, mucilaginous, succulent leaves And stems are very much sought-after in the salads Braised and stir-fries Fresh from farms Safe and Hygeine ..

Pears Rosemary - South Africa - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 1.395
Pears Rosemary - South Africa - 1Kg (Approx) Sweet Taste Fresh From Farm From South Africa Best Packed with safety For making fresh juices and maintains energy source Great in vitamins and also a goo..

Chilli Baji 500gm

KD 0.895
Chilli Baji 500gm Chilli Baji Long and Fresh Fresh from farm Green long Chilli Safe and hygeine chilli Reduce LDL cholesterol levels Healthy Eyes, Skin and good immune systems..

Red Grapes - Lebanon - 1Kg (Approx)

KD 1.140
Red Grapes - Egypt - 1Kg (Approx) Thick Red or wine colour Egyptian Import Fresh From Farm Great for making wines and also good juicing fruit..
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