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Alicafe Coffee 3 In 1 Classic 35s

KD 1.995
Alicafe Coffee 3 In 1 Classic 35s Great taste of coffee which makes you strong and energetic Rgular coffe in the morning for freshness Cafe ordinary classic coffee for all Best with milk and makes a d..

Kellogg-s Corn Flakes 500gm

KD 1.690
Kellogg-s Corn Flakes 500gm Tasty and nourishing breakfast cereal at its very best The goodness of almond inclusions with real honey can be tasted in every bite Naturally cholesterol-free and high in ..

Tasteville Choco Flakes 375gm

KD 0.890
Tasteville Choco Flakes 375gm Choco flakes for a healthy and tasty start to the day children's and teenagers will love it Made with nutritious whole wheat with richness of chocolate Source of pro..

Alicafe Classic Regular 3 in 1 Coffee Mix 30 x 20gm

KD 1.850
Alicafe classic 3 in 1 coffee mix 30-S Classic 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Medium Rost caffeinated Coco For an ideal coffee and taste Rich and refreshing coffee mix..

Brooke Bond Red Label Black Tea 100 Bags 10% Off

KD 1.390
Brooke Bond Red Label Black Tea 100 Bags 10% Off Perfect color, perfect strength and perfect aroma Improve blood circulation to keep you healthy Enjoy a strong cup of tea with each tea bag For a..

Brooke Bond Red Label Tea 400gm

KD 1.290
Brooke Bond Red Label Tea 400gm Red Label Black Loose Tea with a perfect blend for Strong tea Tea taste and colour strong that makes you confident and refreshes you with energy Strong tea at any time ..

Alicafe Signature French Roast 3 in 1 Coffee 30 x 25gm

KD 2.210
ALICAFE SIGNATURE FRENCH ROAST 25 GM 30S Alicafe signature french Vegetarian produce makes more strong French Dark Roast Can be a great source of energy Total Fat 3.6g, Protien 0.8g..

Kelloggs Coco Pops 375gm

KD 1.490
Kelloggs Coco Pops 375gm Low in Fat Naturally Cholesterol free High in protein, High in calcium, High in Iron High in B group vitamins and rich source of fibre..

Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bags 100s x 2

KD 2.275
Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bags 100sx2 Yellow Label tea bags with rich flavour and taste Finest tea blend Taste of Pure Cylone Tea Makes you refreshing and energizing tea..

Complan Chocolate 400gm

KD 1.550
Complan Chocolate 400gm Nutritious Drink Powder Strawberry Flavor Chocolate Flavour Rich in Vitamin B and D, Iron and Manganes For a better growth and delvelopment Makes your kid taller and stronger..

Bru Coffee Original 2 x 100gm

KD 1.950
Bru Coffee Original 2 x 100gm Real Taste of South Indian Coffee Bru Instant is made with choicest coffee beans from South Indian plantations Select Beans Bru Instant is crafted with the right blend..

Tova Fruit Jam 3 x 450gm

KD 1.250
Tova Fruit Jam 3 x 450gm Tova Mixed Fruit Jam 450gm Good & best product 100% fresh and genuine products, All kind of Foreign Food and non-Food, 100% Fresh & Genuine Products Good Food Best price..

Mirador Gold Coffee 100gm

KD 1.090
Mirador Gold Coffee 100gm Gold Instant coffee Instant coffee gold with Rich in Aroma Exquisite blend of coffee, crafted for a better and strong energy From specially sourced Robusta and Arabica beans..

Tasteville Corn Flakes 375gm

KD 0.790
Tasteville Corn Flakes 375gm A tasty, nutritious breakfast cereal for happy and healthy mornings Take a bowl full of Corn flakes, pour some milk your choice and your meal are ready in minutes Can b..

Ferrero Nutella Hazelnut Spread 400gm

KD 1.475
Ferrero Nutella Hazelnut Spread 400gm Nutella Ferrero Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa Grocery & Gourmet Foods Hazelnut, Soy, Milk Nutrient Content Protein 3g..
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