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Rawaby Vegetable Ghee 1.5Kg

KD 1.990
Rawaby Vegetable Ghee 1.5Kg Vegetable Ghee Rich in proteins and whey, Ghee or clarified butter Usually prepared from cow's milk Clean butterfat left over after the milk solids and water are removed f..

Afia Sunflower Oil 2 x 1.5Ltr

KD 2.495
Afia Sunflower Oil 2 x 1.5Ltr Enriched with vitamins A and D to make a healthy choice for your family Pure sunflower oil ensures reliable daily use Offers ready-to-use convenience while cooking Pr..

Cummin Powder 250gm

KD 0.300
Cummin Powder 250gm Coarse Ground Rich Flavours and natural item Can be added to food and deliver a delicious taste for making your dishes and meals delicious..

Serjella Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml+250ml

KD 2.925
Serjella Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml+250ml Virgin Olive Oil for a healthy cooking Edible oil with fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin K, and antioxidants Best and delighted taste and aroma For a healthy..

Cardamom Jumbo 100gm

KD 0.970
Cardamom Jumbo 100gm Fresh and Greeny Rich flavours Proteins, dietary fibre, minerals, and vitamins for nutrition Great and delicious pack..

Sunny Blended Oil 2 X 1.5 Ltr

KD 2.450
Sunny Blended Oil 2 X 1.5 Ltr Created from premium-quality ingredients for reliable consumption Distinct flavour and aroma enhance your culinary creations Multi-purpose cooking oil can be used for..

Rkg Pure Ghee 500ml

KD 2.390
Rkg Pure Ghee 500ml Cow Ghee for making all the delicious dishes and dosa, idli and parattas From condensed milk rich flavours and also finest ingredients Fresh and Hgeine diary produce Milk fat inclu..

Mustard 100gm

KD 0.070
Mustard 100gm Rai Sabut Authentic and pure A best nutritional food item, which is used in making curries and other salads When preparing in oil for flavour and taste..

Cumin Seed 200gm

KD 0.590
Cumin Seed 200gm Cumin seed with rich flavours 100% free adulteration & good quality Spice increases antioxidant intake, promotes digestion Provides iron, may improve blood sugar control and may reduc..

Alfa Corn Oil 2 X 1.5 Ltr

KD 2.990
Alfa Corn Oil 2 X 1.5 Ltr 100% Pure & cholestrol free for a healthy heart Versatile cooking oil- cook, bake, sauté or deep-fry Rich in Phytosterols and Vitamin A, D & E for healthy hair, skin and stro..

Amul Pure Ghee 1Ltr

KD 3.695
Amul Pure Ghee 1Ltr Pure Ghee Clarified Water Buffallo and cow fat From fresh cream, rich aroma and granular texture For a better taste and flavours Better while preparing dosas, ghee roast and other ..

Gowardhan Pure Cow Ghee 500gm

KD 2.050
Gowardhan Pure Cow Ghee 500gm Ghee is a class of clarified butter originated It is commonly used in Indian cooking Gowardhan Pure Cow Ghee can be swapped for vegetable oil or coconut oil in baked g..

Black Pepper Powder 250gm

KD 0.650
Black Pepper Powder 250gm Pepper powder 100% Pure Natural and spicy No Gluten For a spicy additive to your foods and dishes For making curries and other dishes..

Cinnamon Stick 100gm

KD 0.230
Cinnamon Stick 100gm Karfa patta Dry And strong Rich flavour Great for adding to ghee rice biriyani and other spices for a delicious meal For all masalas and curries prepared in home..

Real Sunflower Oil 4Ltr

KD 3.490
Real Sunflower Oil 4Ltr..
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