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SIS Raw Sugar 1Kg --اس اي اس - سكر خام 1 كيلو

KD 1.020
SIS Raw Sugar 1Kg It is distinctive Full flavour is just right for sweetening beverages, chocolate cakes, puddings, fruitcakes and gingerbread It is great for marinades, sauces, pickles, chutney ..

SIS Caster Sugar 1Kg --اس اي اس سكر الحلويات النااعم 1 كيلو

KD 0.755
SIS Caster Sugar 1Kg Made from 100 percent pure sugar cane With no artificial additives, no colourings, and no nasty preservatives Super fine texture that dissolves quickly Extra fine caster sug..

SIS White Sugar Cubes 454gm --اس اي اس سكر ابيض مكعبات 454 جم

KD 0.595
Out Of Stock
SIS White Sugar Cubes 454gm White Sugar Cubes are the perfect way to sweeten your beverages one cube at a time Made from our fine grain white sugar The cube dissolves easily and quickly Sugar cube..
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