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Mazola Mayonnaise Chili 340ml

KD 0.820
Mazola Mayonnaise Chili 340ml Mayonnaise Chili Freashly made from KSA Made from pure mazola corn oil..

Mazola Mayonnaise Squeezy 340ml

KD 0.850
Mazola Mayonnaise Squeezy 340ml Lite Mayonnaise Squeezy Bottle With delicious spicy sauces and exquisite dips Made with the natural and carefully selected ingredients Best for hot and cold dishes, sal..

Mazola Mayonnaise Lemon 340ml

KD 0.800
Mazola Mayonnaise Lemon 340ml Mayonnaise Lemon Lemon flavoured For making rich in taste all your dishes Best for hot and cold dishes, salads or grills..
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